Privacy Policy

At Clinilabs, we take your privacy seriously. Our Privacy Policy outlines how we handle your personal data and provides options for managing its use.

This policy encompasses the data processing practices at Clinilabs and addresses your rights concerning the use of your personal information. If you have any inquiries or requests related to your data, please contact us at

Information collected by Clinilabs Ltd includes details provided upon registration, information gathered from your use of our service and website, and details from transactions and feedback. Additionally, we monitor site traffic to improve our service.


Your Information Usage

We utilise your information to personalise our service. You may receive offers and news regarding Clinilabs Ltd’s services. We may reach out via post, email, telephone, or fax. Your opinions are valuable to us for service improvements, and we may contact you for feedback.


Your Data Disclosure

We never share your personal data unless directly connected to collecting and processing a pathology sample. Outside of the testing environment, your details are only disclosed to successors in our business and authorised data processors. Aggregate information, where individuals cannot be identified, may be used for marketing and strategic purposes.


Other Websites & Cookies

Cookies are small text files that websites store on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet) when you visit them. They serve various purposes, such as remembering your preferences, enhancing user experience, and collecting information about your browsing habits and interactions on the website. Cookies enable websites to recognise your device and tailor the content or functionalities to your preferences. They don’t usually contain personal information, but they help enhance your browsing experience by storing data about your site preferences, login information, or items in a shopping cart.

We utilise cookies to track visited pages, helping us understand website traffic and adapt our site to suit customer needs. Rest assured, once used for statistical analysis, this data isn’t retained in the system.

Cookies are instrumental in improving your browsing experience by identifying the most useful pages. They don’t grant access to your computer or provide us with personal information unless explicitly shared.

On your first website visit, we’ll seek your permission to accept cookies. If declined, nothing besides your choice will be recorded. You have the option to manage cookies via your browser settings. Please note, that declining cookies may limit the website’s functionality.

Our website may contain links to external sites not covered by this Privacy Policy. These sites may have different privacy policies.


Access Rights & GDPR

You have the right to access your personal data held by us. To obtain this information, please contact us with the necessary details. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants you access to your data and ensures our response includes information sources, processing purposes, and entities with whom data is shared.


Data Accuracy & Policy Changes

We strive to maintain accurate data and regularly review our Privacy Policy. We may update or modify this policy, ensuring no significant changes are made to the information you’ve provided without your agreement.

For further queries or concerns, please contact us.

For any questions, concerns or complains, please contact