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Advanced Allergy Blood Test with same day appointments available. Select your desired time slot to visit our leading blood test clinic in Central London.

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Is this test for you?

Are you tired of endless sneezing fits or constant itching? Wondering if your symptoms might be due to allergies? At our London-based allergy blood test clinic, we understand the frustration of living with unidentified allergies.

Our comprehensive blood test can help you uncover the root cause of your symptoms, whether it’s pollen, pet dander, or certain foods.

Unsure if this test is right for you? If you’re experiencing persistent symptoms such as nasal congestion, itchy eyes, or skin rashes, our test may provide the answers you’ve been searching for.

Take the first step towards a clearer understanding of your allergies and reclaim control over your health today.

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Patient reception

Patients are welcome to visit our comfortable and convenient patient reception for phlebotomy and other clinical needs.

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Why Use Clinilabs?

A comfortable experience

Our patient reception provides a comfortable and safe space for consultation and phlebotomy, with modern facilities and full disabled access. Find us at 41 Foley Street.

Reliable, fast turnarounds

Results will be available to you, and your doctor as quickly as required. Most results are available same day and many results are available in a matter of hours.

Value for money

Our prices are constantly reviewed to ensure they are highly competitive. Please contact us for a quote.

Clinical Support

Your results will be provided in an easy to understand report. Referring doctors will benefit from access to additional clinical advice for patients, where applicable and required.

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